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Background on Goeie Hoop Produkte:

The factory came into existence in 1966 as a small family business in the little town of Strydenburg (Northern Cape, on the edge of the Great Karoo). Rev. Jannie (J.T.) Schutte, minister of a local Church, needed extra income to support his wife and seven children (it was before TV), so in his free time started making products such as bar stools (which the Reverent called kitchen stools) and bathroom cabinets.

Soon he stumbled on two board games, namely Fingerboard and Karemboard, and decided to focus on these. In faith he called his newly started business Goeie Hoop Produkte (Good Hope Products).

During holidays Rev. Jannie would visit every single sports shop on the way to promote his products and get new orders or visit existing clients (and so paid for the holiday too). For those days the S A Railways was well organised and affordable, so that SAR became the main way of sending of his products all over South Africa (although the nearest station was about 30 km from the town).

When the Schutte-family moved to Petrusburg in the southern Free State in 1971, the part-time business grew more rapidly, and Goeie Hoop Produkte had to register as a factory. Here the town (twice as big as Strydenburg) had its own railway station, and was situated halfway between Kimberley and Bloemfontein (80km from each).

The sturdy, well manufactured Finger- and Karemboards of Goeie Hoop Produkte became well known all over South Africa and Sout-West Africa (Namibia), and there were not many Afrikaans households without a Fingerboard. But then the one-eyed god took over: Television took over family time, and the sales of the board games started to drop. Soon after the railway fairs started rising, to such an extend that it made the price of the board games uncompetitive. So about 1985 a new product was introduced: Wooden Biltong Slicers.

And up to date it is the main product of Goeie Hoop Produkte.

Rev. Jannie was a honest and sincere person who uphold close relations with his customers. He strived towards producing only quality products, as we still do today.

When Rev. Jannie died in April 1998, his grandson Theuns Schutte (also J.T.), bought the business and is carrying on in the same tradition: Good quality products, made to last and give pleasure for many years to come.


Belangrike Kennisgewing:

Hiermee wil ons u verwittig dat ons, Willie en Thelma du Plessis, Goeie Hoop Produkte DV vanaf 1 September 2014 oorneem.

Ons wil u as verbruiker net gerus stel dat u nog steeds dieselfde kwaliteit diens en produkte sal ontvang as wat u van Theuns en sy span gekry het. Ons as familie wil graag die familie besigheid voortsit en elke oggend met lus en ywer ons dagtaak verrig en u net ure se plesier verskaf met die gebruik van ons gesogte produkte.

Ons strewe is om met die hulp van ons Drie-Enige GOD die geleentheid wat HY ons biet met albei hande aan te gryp en HOM te verheerlik met die gawes wat HY aan ons toevertrou het. Vakmanskap, materiaal van hoogstaande gehalte en kwaliteit diens is gewaarborg.

Ons glo en vertrou ons sal Ďn lang en geseŽnde vennootskap met u hÍ waar eerlikheid en Ďn weegskaal wat reg weeg (soos die wyse Salomo dit stel ) sal seevier.

Vriendelike groete

Willie du Plessis en gesin

Theuns en Retha Schutte groet: "Baie dankie aan al ons kliŽnte vir julle jarelange ondersteuning. Die tyd het egter nou aangebreek vir 'n nuwe era vir Goeie Hoop Produkte, en ons weet dat Willie en Thelma dit tot nuwe hoogtes sal voer."

Nuwe eienaars: Willie en Thelma du Plessis

Theuns Schutte groet Nuwe eienaar: Willie du Plessis en gesin

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